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Oral Surgery

MINT dentistry has taken the one of a kind experience of its general dentistry offices and applied it to Oral Surgery. You will get that same chic boutique office environment with the latest in dental technology, exceptionally trained staff, and a relaxing, resort style feel. Oral Surgery at it’s highest level, by the company that does dental at its highest level. Now, all in one place.

The concept of wisdom teeth removal can be a scary one, but at MINT you can leave that anxiety behind.

Our oral surgeons have all the options that you most desire, including advanced sedation techniques, anesthetics, and progressive pain management that can completely eclipse even the concept of discomfort. Put another way, MINT is here to make your oral surgery experience a painless one. From simple sedation, up to complete unconscious IV sedation, we will prevent your pain and your apprehension.

So, if you have an interest in dental implants, have a wisdom tooth issue, or suspect you might, escape to a place known as America’s number one tooth resort. Ease back in our massaging patient loungers, slip on a pair of our Beats headphones with the playlist of your choice. Ease off into a place of star lit dreams and limousines while we make you a celebrity.