How To Prevent Receding Gums

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The gums are made of soft tissue designed to cover the roots of the teeth. But how often do you think about poor oral hygiene and the health of your gums? At MINT dentistry, our board-certified professionals encourage patients to take good care of their teeth and gums. This is because they are our first line of defense against food particles and bacteria.

Our dentists proudly support patients by offering the tools and resources they need to protect their gumline and enjoy healthy smiles for life. If you believe you are experiencing a receding gumline, schedule a consultation with the experts at MINT dentistry in Dallas and Houston, TX. Just a small investment of your time will lead to stronger gums and better oral health.


As a general rule, people should check their teeth and gums every time they brush their teeth. Healthy gums should appear moist and pink in color. Since they play an important role in protecting your teeth, the gums should also connect tightly to the tooth roots. When the gums begin to recede, they throw off the natural balance of your mouth. They may cause the smile to appear “toothy.” You may even notice more of the exposed tooth root than before or some inflammation as the gums shift and pull away from the teeth.

Regular flossing and brushing, along with bi-annual dental examinations, remove the plaque and tartar associated with gum disease and receding gums. When left untreated, more of the tooth becomes exposed to bacteria and debris. This buildup causes damage to the tissue and bone structure, eventually leading to tooth loss. If you have red, swollen gums, or visibly shrinking gums, visit with our professionals right away at MINT dentistry for gingival recession treatment. We will be able to determine if you have receding gums with a professional consultation.


Unfortunately, gum recession is more common than you think. People with poor oral hygiene or who don’t visit the dentist regularly put themselves at risk for gum recession. There are several reasons why someone would experience gum recession in the Dallas and Houston, TX area. For instance, brushing too hard or aggressively could slowly wear down the gums over time. Our dentists recommend applying a gentle pressure that doesn’t squash down the bristles.

So, what are some other reasons for receding gums? Bad habits, like smoking or chewing tobacco, damage the gumline due to the dangerous substances they leave behind. A sports injury, or other trauma to the mouth, along with teeth clenching or grinding, may also cause the gumline to recede. In fact, any kind of pressure or friction causes the soft tissue to break down or wear away. This means that crooked teeth or a misaligned bite have the ability to force gum tissue out of place.


Determining the best receding gums treatment begins with a private dental consultation at MINT dentistry. Your practitioner will conduct an examination and figure out the cause of the gum recession. Patients who are suffering from gingivitis, or the first stage of periodontal disease, will receive a custom plan based on their individual oral health. We may recommend a treatment called scaling and root planing (SRP) to reach beneath the gums using a special dental tool. SRP therapy is designed to clean out the gum pockets and protect the area against future buildup.

If this gingival recession treatment cannot improve the gumline, your dental professional might recommend gum surgery or another method of treatment. If the gumline continues to cause problems for patients, gum graft surgery adds tissue where necessary. Man-made and donor grafts are used for people who don't have enough natural tissue. No matter the gum recession treatment used, the experts at MINT dentistry strongly recommend a consistent home care routine with brushing and flossing, and regular appointments at our clinic. We may also prescribe antibiotics to prevent bacteria from returning to the gums.


Healthy gums are the foundation of a bright and healthy smile. At MINT dentistry, we take pride in making sure your gums are free from harmful bacteria and plaque that could lead to gingivitis or periodontal disease. Our skilled, experienced dentists in Dallas and Houston, TX work hard to make sure you are on track to getting a beautiful smile. If you would like to learn more about receding gums treatment options, or if you suffer from poor oral hygiene, we ask that you take the first step by giving our office a call. Schedule your next gingival recession treatment with the friendly professionals at MINT dentistry.

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