MINT dentistry | Matt's Veneers Story

MINT Dentistry was founded ten years ago by Dr. Field G. Harrison, DDS, who was determined to offer a different dental experience. MINT features massage chairs, state of the art equipment, plasma TVs, designer offices, an engaging staff who you'll never forget and highly trained dentists skilled in general and cosmetic dentistry. MINT offers veneers, implants, bridges and porcelain crowns and accepts most dental insurance carriers. And if you have PPO insurance you get totally free whitening, no strings attached.


Hi. I'm Matt, and I work in real estate. Working in real estate, professionalism and appearance means everything. Before my veneers, I was very self-conscious, especially looking at photos of myself. I feel great now that I have them. I love looking at myself in photos. I love smiling. They literally feel like my old, natural teeth but better. It was so pain-free, so quick and easy. I had no sensitivity whatsoever, and I couldn't be happier.