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About MINT Veneers.

MINT porcelain veneers are much more than a luxury item. In many, many cases they are the best choice to correct dental problems such as short teeth, crooked teeth, and badly stained teeth. MINT veneers can prevent cavities protecting your teeth from future problems! They are a much faster fix than any kind of braces for straightening teeth, and you get the advantage of customizing your teeth to your wishes. (And many times, MINT veneers cost less money than braces!)

No matter why you choose MINT veneers, you will leave with the most astonishingly beautiful smile imaginable. MINT veneers will take years off your appearance, they improve the way you are perceived and change the way you feel about yourself. Many of the most beautiful people in Texas are choosing MINT veneers over plastic surgery because of the dramatic difference they make.

What Makes MINT Veneers so Special?

There are several important reasons why people choose MINT to place their veneers. One, we use only the advanced super thin, super strong E-MAX porcelain veneers that don’t chip or break. They are more extravagant and newer technology than traditional veneers, but we do not pass this cost to you. We give you the superior product for less.

Secondly, different patients have different issues going on in their mouth, requiring the skill and training of a true cosmetic dentist. For instance, some patients need tooth lengthening gum surgery in order to place veneers. Dr. Harrison created a surgical technique he has taught his doctors that dramatically reduces recovery time from weeks to days, with much less – if any – pain.

And thirdly, with our massage chairs, Beats headphones, Netflix and sedation techniques, we will make you so comfortable you’ll think MINT is a resort for your teeth!

You will love your experience at MINT as much as you’ll love your MINT veneers.

MINT Veneers are Preferable to Invisalign.

MINT veneers are a terrific alternative to orthodontics. Many people have grown up with crooked or misshapen teeth and think their only option is a mouth full of metal. Or Invisalign. The problem is, wire braces aren’t fun,  Invisalign, for its claims, isn’t a permanent solution and the typical orthodontic treatment process takes 1 to 2 years. But MINT veneers only take two visits to produce an astounding change, and you’ll have a gorgeous smile that you can be proud of for years to come.

How White Should You Go?

This question is why you need a true artist to create your veneers. MINT dentistry’s goal is to improve upon nature. Slightly. We believe your teeth should not be too much whiter than the whites of your eyes. (They really shouldn’t look like you’re 20 when you’re 60.) Veneers are a great way to effectively deal with stains, crooked, chipped and missing teeth and to make teeth look white again. But we discourage going so far that your teeth glow in the dark.

Our Reputation is that we’re MINT.

No other dental company is as concerned about their reputation as we are. Simply because our name is our reputation. Everything we do has to be MINT. Especially every veneer case. We know you’re putting your smile, your health, your appearance and your hard-earned money in our hands–so we guarantee your veneers will be MINT.

Call for a Free Consultation.

We know making a decision about veneers involves not just one decision, but many. Are veneers a good idea for you? What dentist can you trust? How do you pay for them? These are all questions you have to grapple with. That’s why MINT offers a free, no obligation consultation to help you decide if veneers are right for you and if MINT is who you can trust. You’ll meet with a MINT cosmetic dentist who will examine your teeth, discuss the procedure, answer every question, and then you can meet with our finance department about the best plans for you. Then, if you want to schedule your veneers–great! If not, we still want you to love us. The whole process is really . . . MINT.

How to Pay for MINT Veneers.

MINT offers two ways to finance your veneers. The first is through an interest-free exclusive layaway plan that is like a savings account you deposit money into regularly until your veneers are paid for, then we schedule your visit. The second option is Care Credit which offers an interest-free 24-month financing or up to a five-year financing program. To learn more visit www.carecredit.com