Aftercare & Whitening Instructions

If there’s any pain when you chew or if you’re sensitive to hot or cold, it’s important to call us immediately to make an appointment for a “bite adjustment.” otherwise, the inflammation could harm the tooth.

Numbing shots may cause some internal bruising so you could be a little sore for a few days. if we haven’t already prescribed you pain pills, we always recommend taking up to four 200mg advil (or ibuprofen) every six hours for a day or two. Call us if you have any discomfort. You should not be in severe pain. If you are, call us immediately.

Why is it important to come back every six months?

Regular teeth cleanings prevent plaque and calculus build-up and prevent bone loss (which can cause people to lose their teeth). It can also reveal small cavities that are painless to repair.


Dental Tray

Place a small dot on the bottom inside of each tooth impression on the dental tray.



Put the custom trays in your mouth. Immediately remove tray, and simply wipe the whitening gel off your gums using a Q-Tip, wash cloth, or your finger, then put the tray back in. Whitening gel directly on the gums could lead to sensitivity.



Wear your trays every day for seven days, at least forty-five minutes at a time. Depending on your sensitivity, you can wear them up to four hours.



Brush, then swish with fluoride toothpaste for a few minutes immediately after whitening. The longer you swish, the less sensitivity you will have. Fluoride closes the pores of your teeth, preventing cavities and tooth decay. Swish it real good.



Rinse, pat, and store your whitening trays after each use. Your Mint Dentistry tray case will keep your custom molds safe and ready to use.


Now your teeth arehappy and they know it.