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Neisha Byrd:          My name is Neisha Byrd and I live in Duncanville, Texas. Eight months ago, my son was tragically killed in a car accident. It was during spring break and three of his friends had spent a week in Oregon and had what he's told us, the best time of his life. And on the way back, they were going to North Dakota because that's where he goes to school. It was early in the morning, black ice and car slid and ... he passed away.

Neisha Byrd:          We have ... I would say triumphantly went through it this year, even though the holidays are coming up. My daughter, I guess, wrote up this really beautiful email.

Dr. Harrison:          Neisha Byrd, This is Dr. Harrison and you are the winner of MINT Loves Moms free veneer case.

Neisha Byrd:          [Cheers] Yay!

Neisha Byrd:          From the time I hit the door, everybody was so welcoming.

Neisha Byrd:          Dr. Harrison- I'm still blown away by it. Because I know that he ... Each and every tooth was important. And then we did like a molding, he's like, "No, it's not right. Let's go back and make sure it's right, make sure it fits and looks right for her." And it was just really incredible just to be in that process.

Neisha Byrd:          Everybody would say, "There was nothing wrong with your smile." But then I would show them the pictures and always, every single time, they go, "Oh my goodness." Then I'm like, "Was it that bad?" But there is a true difference. I feel so ... just really humbled and blessed by this. Just humbled.