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MINT dentistry is giving back to provide groceries and food for needy families living in the communities we serve. As a result of the effects of COVID-19, one out of every six families in America is struggling with food insecurity right now - and that's just not okay with us. Now, with MINT's weekend Grocery Giveaways, thousands of hungry families are now being fed. Join us in providing food and basic necessities for those in need by donanting, volunteering, or spreading the word!

MINT Grocery Giveaway


MINT Grocery Giveaway


A disaster of this magnitude requires the response of a united group of people with hearts ready to serve, care, and give of themselves for another's need. Take a look through our Grocery Giveaway gallery to see the incredible volunteers, staff, and doctors who have made all of this possible! View Gallery

MINT Grocery Giveaway


Thanks to generous donors like you, thousands of hungry families living within the DFW metroplex are now being fed. Join us in serving our city by giving back to those in need. Donate

Now through July, we're giving you a FREE mask at your next appointment.

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