MINT All Staff Meeting

Let's Get Started


Speaker 1:          If MINT has blessed you in any way, will you please just cheer for the company that gives you your livelihood?

Speaker 1:          This is our life. This is your living.

Speaker 1:          If you get cut, a doctor can stitch you up, but God has to heal you. If you get sick, you can take medicine, but God has work to do. As dentists, we get to be God's hands and take someone with sick teeth and fully heal them. If we're trusted with God's work, we need to do it perfectly.

Speaker 2:          Everyone in here builds an infrastructure around themselves, whether you have [inaudible 00:00:57], your friends, your support base, everything is a part of your infrastructure.

Speaker 2:          Have you built for where you're going, or have you built for where you are? And I'll tell you how to determine. When people start hating on you, it is often an indication that they have gone as far as they can go with you, and their frustration in you moving forward is executed in their hatred. It doesn't really mean that they hate you, it just means often you pick up people for where you used to be.

Speaker 2:          There's often a gulf between what you intended and what I read out of that moment. And so, whether you're a public speaker or not, you have to be cognizant of how you are being heard, rather than what is being said, because sometimes what you meant versus how you were heard are two different things. And opinions are built around what they heard, not what you said.

Speaker 2:          And you will grow to the extent of your relatability, so if you are good at teeth, but not good at people, hello ... Teeth live in people.

Speaker 2:          So, every time somebody encounters you, consistency is extremely important. You can spend a billion dollars on marketing and bringing in all the gurus from everywhere and pay them a gazillion dollars, and all of it is blown by somebody who is rude or rushed and doesn't present what the brand promised.

Speaker 2:          Profit will never replace purpose. So, if you're going to have a successful business, company, family, church, whatever it is you're trying to have, it must be purpose-driven. Now, I know the CFO's going crazy, because he thinks it must be profit-driven. But if you chase the purpose, the profit will chase you.

Speaker 2:          The future of every company lies in the hands of every person in this room, and you will never rise any higher than the lowest-paid person in the room.

Speaker 1:          So good.

Speaker 1:          I can't tell you enough how good an opportunity everyone in this room has, and it's up to you to fulfill it.