MINT dentistry | Ashley's Veneers Story

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Speaker 1:          Just the thought of you can drive me wild. Oh, you make me smile.

Speaker 2:          Oh, she is beautiful. That woman has a great smile. She has a sexy smile, actually. If you want a great look just like this, we know where you should go. That's Ashley Salina. She went to MINT Dentistry and Dr. Field Harrison gave her that sexy smile. How does it feel to be on TV for such a long time from ear to ear. If I had that smile, I'd be doing the same thing. This is Ashley Salinas and you have MINT veneers.

Ashley Salinas:     Yes.

Speaker 2:          We actually have some photos of some before and after photos to show everybody. Why did you want veneers, ma'am?

Ashley Salinas:     Well, I had a very large gap all through grade school. I mean, to have that as an adult in the front of your face, you don't want to smile much, but I mean, I smile a lot now.

Speaker 2:          What was your experience like?

Ashley Salinas:     It was great. I mean, from the time that I walked in to MINT to the time that I left the door, I mean, the staff was great. That's coming from someone who's afraid of the dentist.

Speaker 2:          But, not any longer.

Ashley Salinas:     Not any longer. Exactly. My experience was really great.

Speaker 2:          Well, as I mentioned, you are smiling ear to ear. I can only imagine, you might get this question and we're going to clear the air here on GMT, was it a painful experience?

Ashley Salinas:     No, not at all. From start to finish, I mean, it was no pain at all.

Dr. Harrison:       A lot of people, they call it diastema, a lot of people have a gap in between their teeth. A lot of cosmetic dentists don't have the vision to see what it's going to look like at the end because the biggest fear people have is, am I going to have just two big teeth? But, you cheat that space with six teeth, not just two teeth. If you get another close up of the teeth, you'll see that all her teeth are symmetrical, she doesn't just have two big teeth filling in that gap. All six teeth helped fill that in slowly. It makes it look real cosmetic. I can't tell you how many people I've fixed with diastemas that other cosmetic dentists said, "This is impossible. You need braces." We don't do braces at MINT Dentistry, but if you want to fix your smile immediately, I highly recommend veneers.

Speaker 2:          How quick did you get this done?

Dr. Harrison:       Well, it's immediate. After we do it, even the temporaries, it's fixed even in the temporaries.

Speaker 2:          Okay.

Dr. Harrison:       You come back a few weeks later for the permanent, but it's done the day you do it.

Speaker 2:          Ashley, you're smiling. I see you happy. You know what? I think your smile before was beautiful, but it is just glamorous.

Ashley Salinas:     thank you.

Speaker 2:          It is sexy.

Ashley Salinas:     Thank you.

Speaker 2:          You, too, can have a sexy smile and a glamorous mouth.