"MINT dentistry’s success was never anything short of a complete miracle - I refuse to take any credit for it. The amazing people God brought to us and continues to bring to us is really the biggest miracle. We collaborate with the best dentists in the country to develop better techniques, and pick materials that significantly reduced complications. But after we developed a gum surgery in conjunction with veneers to help lengthen teeth, the outcome was so beautiful, and so amazing, and so new, it allowed us to recruit some of best dentists in the world, who only cared about being the best. And when you’re the best in world at something, it’s never kept a secret."

The ManBehind It All

Dr. Field Harrison is passionate about taking people out of pain. Whether it is dental pain, spiritual pain, mental pain, financial pain, or even loss of dignity pain, Dr. Harrison has built a life around relieving the suffering of others. Even before he graduated from dental school, Dr. Harrison was traveling to Romania with other doctors and dentists to end a village's suffering from tooth and jaw pain. He spent many dental school weekends assisting other dentists to provide free dental care to underserved communities in Dallas. In 2009, he founded MINT dentistry with the conviction that outstanding dental care should be affordable to everyone.

Today, Dr. Harrison has established MINT dentistry as one of the fastest-growing dental companies in America. The company currently has locations in Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia, and by the end of 2022, MINT dentistry will be in every major city throughout the U.S. Dr. Harrison is the founder of several dental-related companies including; MINT orthodontics, Pure Dental Assistant Academy, and PURE Oral Surgery. He recently wrote and released his first book titled, Golf Proverbs, a book of spiritual metaphors that combines his passion for the game of golf with his love for business, family, faith, and Jesus in short one-liner life lessons full of wisdom, wit, and inspiration.

While an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and dentist by trade—above all, Dr. Harrison is a devout Christian, a devoted husband to his beautiful wife, Sabrina, and a proud dad to two incredible children named Christian and Camila. He is passionate about God and giving back to his community. Since founding MINT dentistry, Dr. Harrison has used his business as a platform to financially support many local churches and numerous other philanthropic endeavors. Both Dr. Harrison and Sabrina also privately assist their own MINT employees who are experiencing financial hardship through their internal charitable program known as MINT Cares.


Since our opening in 2009, MINT has been at the forefront of every major advance in dentistry.

We were among the first adopters of the new EMAX porcelain veneers, we were the first to introduce team dentistry, the first to combine iPads with movies and leather massage chairs, the first to take the fear out of dentistry, the first to offer luxury dentistry that is truly affordable, the first to bring the price of veneers down to earth.

Our Services

MINT isthe most trusted name in dentistry

MINT was the first dentist to introduce the team of doctors approach so a second opinion was right down the hall. In fact, we’ve brought together over 100 of the top minds in dentistry to develop best practices, develop new techniques, research better materials and participate in clinical trials. We've whitened the teeth of some 300,000 people, we’ve been named Best Family Dentist two years in a row and we've earned over 50,000 5-Star Google Reviews.