Sabrina Harrison Interview | Mint Dentistry | Interior Design

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Some of my favorite hobbies are working out. I love to work out. I love changing it up and doing just all different types of workouts. I love reading. I love photography. I've been having fun with fashion and I just love also decorating offices and just any home space area, office area, home space area. I really love decorating. I just like interior design.

MINT just went through this huge expansion phase. We just started opening up new offices in Houston, in Dallas, all over the metroplex here in the Dallas, Fort Worth area and we just started opening offices, and I took on the responsibility of just making sure that they looked beautiful, that they looked fabulous and that they were suitable for the best patients in the world.

Usually I start off by just seeing an empty space. I walk in and try to just kind of get a feel for the area, see where the best place would be to hang art, to position a couch and try to create a focal area for the room. I'll find a nice big wall where I can kind of create a little nook and try to make that the focal point of the room. I kind of start picturing what kind of art I want, what kind of color scheme I want. I try to usually buy furniture from local places. I try to explore different stores that are in the area and I'm always looking for new places. I like a modern contemporary vibe, but I usually try to make it more mid century, more traditional. It doesn't have to be 100% modern. I like to change it up and just more of an eclectic look and feel to the room.

Some of my favorite pieces have been from Jonathan Adler. Most of my office is from Jonathan Adler, and I love, love, love their stuff. I bought this really cool acrylic huge hand that's just a random hand that I absolutely love. I bought my desk from there. It's black and it just has a nice glossy finish with gold trimming and gold legs and it just beautiful.

Lately, I've been exploring wallpapers, so in my home and some of our offices, we're doing wallpaper instead of painting, so that's really fun, a good way to switch it up.

I absolutely love decorating all our MINT new offices because I know that patients walk in the door and that's the first thing they see. They see the look and feel of the office, and I want them to feel special. When they walk in these offices, I don't want them to feel like they're going to their grandpa or grandma's dentist. I want them to feel, to know that they are in the most modern, the most beautiful facility with the best doctors, with the best dental care. We're trained, highly trained. We're always, always, always improving our techniques. We're improving our materials. We use the highest quality materials that are available on the market. I want them to know that as soon as they walk in that door, no detail is left unnoticed. Everything is absolutely beautiful. It's hand picked for them. I want them to not be scared of the dentist anymore. When they walk in those doors, I want them to absolutely love going to the dentist, and I want them to feel comfortable.

For me, I appreciate a beautiful room. I appreciate beautiful furniture. I appreciate art. When they walk in and they see that beautiful aesthetic, they see a great looking room, it kind of prepares them for the type of service they're going to receive. When they walk in, they see all this beautiful furniture, then they're greeted by the nicest staff in the world. We just want to make sure that everybody that comes to the dentist is never scared of the dentist again. There's so many people that are scared, and if there's anything that we can do to remove that fear, I think MINT does it.