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MINT dentistry believes that everyone deserves a sexy smile that turns heads and makes them feel confident. A customized smile makeover at MINT dentistry combines cosmetic treatments and restorative procedures to give you a gorgeous smile. A smile makeover may include tooth whitening (at-home or in-office treatments), veneers, teeth straightening, bonding and contouring, plus replacing old metal fillings with composite resin. Your smile makeover could also include restorations like dental implants, crowns, or bridges to fill in gaps in your smile. Our MINT dentistry board-certified dental professionals are skilled and experienced at performing total smile transformations to help you achieve a stunning new look you will be proud to show off. Utilizing advanced techniques and technologies, MINT dentistry’s state-of-the-art facility is equipped to provide cutting-edge treatments to makeover your smile.

A smile makeover can help if you want to improve the appearance of your teeth and you need more than one cosmetic or restorative procedure. A member of our skilled dental team will customize your smile makeover treatment plan to match your aesthetic goals. Your smile makeover may include teeth whitening, to correct stains and discoloration on your enamel. Other cosmetic treatments that may be included in your plan are veneers or bonding and contouring to improve the shape and length of teeth while also covering small gaps between your teeth. Restorations such as crowns, bridges, or dental implants can be used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. At MINT dentistry we use custom-made restorations, so they blend with your natural teeth for a seamless appearance. Before you undergo any cosmetic procedures, our team will need to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. If you have any prohibitive oral health problems like a misaligned bite or gum disease, this will need to be addressed first.

I just had a great experience here at sugarland mint dentistry. I was so comfortable in my heated massage chair. The hygienist was very light handed and made my cleanings breeze. Dr Bender was super patient with me during my exam and took the time to answer and explain all my questions regarding cosmetic dentistry. Everyone from the moment I walked In was very friendly and made going to the dentist a pleasant experience

M.K. Google

Great customer service! Comfortable office! Thank you Nikki and Shelley for the great clean. And thank you Dr Kweik for the amazing cosmetic dentistry!!!! This place is fantastic.

J.R. Google

This has to be the littest dentist I’ve ever been to! The ambiance is very relaxing and chilled, yet sexy! It legit gives high-end cosmetic dentistry vibes, but without the high pricing. EVERYONE was super nice and welcoming. Ashia was super sweet and made sure I was comfortable. She takes the time to get to know the patients, and was very professional. The exam chairs are massagers and are heated. They have tons of freebies, a rewards program, and they offer teeth whitening trays for like $7 a month. I love it here!

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Great customer service! Comfortable office! Thank you Nikki and Shelley for the great clean. And thank you Dr Kweik for the amazing cosmetic dentistry!!!! This place is fantastic.

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Since each smile makeover is unique, our team will discuss what to expect during your treatment plan, including how many appointments you will need. The MINT dentistry support staff will help you plan out your appointments to include each step of your smile makeover. During every treatment, you can expect supreme comfort in our facility. MINT dentistry is a well-appointed boutique dental facility, with procedure rooms that are equipped with massaging treatment chairs, BEATS headphones, and flat-screen televisions. Before beginning your procedures, we will make sure you are very comfortable and completely at ease. Local anesthesia may be used during some of the procedures and other sedation options can be included if you need help relaxing due to dental fears or anxieties. Throughout your smile makeover, the MINT dentistry team will be available to answer your questions and ease any concerns.

Once your smile makeover is complete, you should maintain the health and appearance of your teeth with a good home oral care routine (brushing and flossing every day). In addition to daily care, you should schedule dental cleanings as recommended by MINT dentistry, so that we can monitor your oral health and help you keep your smile gorgeous. With proper care, the results of your smile makeover should last for many years. Touch-up treatments every few years, like teeth whitening, may help to refresh your smile.

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During your smile makeover consultation and prior to beginning your treatments, the MINT dentistry team will help develop your customized smile makeover. Our support staff will contact your dental insurance provider to determine your benefits and then estimate the cost of your treatment plan. Although your smile makeover will likely be considered primarily cosmetic, certain treatment such as dental restorations may be covered in part by insurance. MINT dentistry is committed to helping every patient achieve their goal smile. In order to make your treatments more affordable, we accept a number of payment methods, including medical financing. We also run specials throughout the year on certain cosmetic dentistry procedures. Ask a member of our team to learn more about making your smile makeover easier to afford.

MINT dentistry wants to see each of their patients flaunting a smile worthy of a red carpet. If you are ready to get the smile of your dreams, we encourage you to schedule a smile makeover consultation at MINT dentistry. We look forward to surpassing your expectations with a custom smile makeover plan.

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