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At MINT dentistry, we are dedicated to giving our patients sexy teeth. However, your teeth can only be sexy if they are also healthy. Having a strong jawbone is important to your oral health. When your jaw is weak from physical trauma or missing teeth, you may need a bone graft to help your jawbone remain strong enough to hold both removable dentures or dental implants. At MINT dentistry, bone grafting surgery is usually suggested to prepare your mouth for dentures or dental implant surgery to replace missing or damaged teeth. Schedule an initial consultation with a member of our skilled dental team at MINT dentistry to get more information about jawbone augmentation. MINT dentistry's board-certified dentists are experienced in bone grafting surgery to help you achieve optimal oral health.

Your jawbone can become weak due to an oral condition, such as periodontal disease, or from a blunt trauma to your lower face. Your jawbone may also be weakened from atrophy if a tooth or teeth have not been replaced with a dental implant, dentures, or a bridge. Bone grafting strengthens and prepares the jaw for dentures or an implant, but you will need to be patient with the process. The grafting and implant process often takes several months to finish, but you'll have a restored jawbone and better overall oral health. To help us decide whether you are an ideal candidate for bone augmentation, your dentist will take digital images and perform a thorough physical exam during your consultative appointment.

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Before beginning your bone grafting procedure, our highly skilled team will help you settle in before we administer your predetermined method of sedation. Once your graft is ready to be placed, a member of the MINT dentistry team will make incisions in your gums so it can be attached to your jawbone. Collagens and proteins will be added to help the graft integrate. Finally, your gums will be closed and cleaned thoroughly to prevent infection.

Over the next 6 – 9 months as your mouth heals, the natural bone in your jaw will integrate with the graft. It is especially important during this time to follow an optimal oral care routine at home with brushing and flossing plus any products recommended by your dentist (such as a prescribed mouthwash or antibiotics). We will schedule your follow-up appointments at our office so our team can check your progress and decide when your jawbone is strong enough for a dental implant or dentures. To protect your oral health for years to come, MINT dentistry recommends attending bi-annual dental examinations and cleanings.

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Our skilled support staff will contact your dental insurance provider to determine your coverage and out-of-pocket expenses before scheduling your procedure. If it's considered necessary, some of your surgery may be paid. In your consultation with your team, we can estimate your costs and help you understand how best to afford your care. MINT dentistry is dedicated to making it easy for our patients afford their oral health needs. If you don't have dental insurance and need help affording your bone grafting procedure, ask your dentist for information on the MINT Discount Plan.

Sexy teeth begins with good oral health. Help strengthen your jaw for better support of dental implants or traditional dentures with bone grafting surgery at MINT dentistry. At your consultation with our dental team, you can get more information about the many bone grafting options and receive a custom treatment plan designed to help you achieve a stronger jaw and healthier mouth. Contact MINT dentistry to schedule an appointment.

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