MINT dentistry | My Bridal Veneers Story

Bride to be, Shannon tells her MINT veneers story. MINT Dentistry was founded ten years ago by Dr. Field G. Harrison, DDS, who was determined to offer a different dental experience. MINT features massage chairs, state of the art equipment, plasma TVs, designer offices, an engaging staff who you'll never forget and highly trained dentists skilled in general and cosmetic dentistry. MINT offers veneers, implants, bridges and porcelain crowns and accepts most dental insurance carriers. And if you have PPO insurance you get totally free whitening, no strings attached.


My name is Shannon, and I just got engaged. It's extremely important to look your best on your wedding day. Even before then, you're going to have all these pictures that you're going to have to take, even leading up to that, and then your big day, your smile is the most important thing. I broke my tooth when I was nine, and I had bad dentistry over bad dentistry for that tooth. I couldn't bite into an apple until I was 34 years old. MINT veneers changed my life. I definitely smile bigger these days, and I always want to show off my teeth and my smile. The moment I walk down the aisle, and he sees me for the first time in my wedding gown, I want to look the best I can possibly look for him, and my smile's a big part of that.