Changing Veterans Smiles || MINT Dentistry

Mark Boyd was orally injured during battle. Watch this beautiful story of hope. Dr. Field Harrison offered to chance a veterans life by reconstructing their smile! If you’re a soldier who has suffered a combat injury to your teeth and gums, you are on our heart. You men and women are the bravest people we can think of. You are true heroes and to honor you here is our promise: we want to restore the smile of every combat injured vet we possibly can for free. If you are accepted into the program you will pay absolutely nothing for us to restore your smile


My name is Mark Boyd, United States Navy Petty Officer, and I was involved in an onboard explosion, and for the last 15 years, this is the way that I looked. Every dentist stateside said there was nothing that could be done. Couldn't smile, and even worse, I had trouble kissing my wife. I felt like I had a lot more life to live, and I wasn't living it. Then I heard about the amazing results that MINT Dentistry was getting with veneers, and Dr. Field Harrison said that he was about to change my life with the MINT Keep Smiling Promise. I think what MINT did was a miracle. I would have paid a million bucks to look like this, but with the MINT Keep Smiling Promise, I didn't have to.