Tips to Prevent a Dental Emergency


Dental emergencies are among the most painful ordeals a person can experience. For this reason, it is important for individuals to inform themselves and make sure they are prepared. This means knowing how to cope with dental trauma and who to contact in case of a cracked tooth or knocked out tooth. The trusted team at MINT dentistry can provide resources and preventive measures when you visit our clinic for a dental exam. Here are our tips on how to prevent dental emergencies in Dallas and Houston, TX.

Practice good dental hygiene

Breaking a tooth may be the first thought that comes to mind when you imagine dental emergencies. However, it is common for dental emergencies to stem from basic dental health issues. This includes tooth pain associated with dental cavities and decay. You can prevent most cases of cavities by practicing good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing twice a day is highly recommended, especially after consuming anything too sugary.

Watch what you eat

Most people gravitate toward foods and drinks that negatively impact their oral health. Sticky candy can get trapped in the gums, while crunchy foods can damage your teeth. To avoid getting a cracked tooth, avoid anything that requires excessive force to chew. Simple things, like ice or popcorn kernels, can also cause cracks in your teeth. Once the tooth is cracked, bacteria can accumulate in the area, causing infection and other complications.

Use a mouth guard

It only takes one wrong move or accidental fall to get a severely damaged or knocked out tooth. If you like contact sports, like football, consider getting a sports mouth guard. This is especially important for children who participate in sports and other activities at school. They tend to be less cautious and prone to accidents. Mouth guards can be custom-made by your dentist in Dallas or Houston, TX for complete comfort and a great fit.

Do not ignore dental pain

Tooth pain is a serious sign that something is wrong. For instance, a pressing toothache could indicate a cavity or a broken filling. Ignoring tooth pain could only lead to a more serious situation in the future. Some issues will not go away without the help of an emergency dentist. The sooner you see a dentist, the more likely we can address it without extensive measures. Any mouth injuries that fail to heal properly also require professional investigation.

Schedule regular dental checkups

Regular dental checkups allow us to detect problems before they become a dental emergency. While some people only require examinations once a year, it is best to create a plan with your dentist. They can make recommendations based on your personal health and goals. People with gum disease or other health conditions may require more frequent visits. Dentists at MINT dentistry also:

  • Determine whether your at-home care is working

  • Catch early signs of cavities or dental decay

  • Provide tips for preventing a cracked tooth or knocked out tooth

Avoid a dental emergency

Dental emergencies can be very debilitating. By following our tips and participating in preventive care, you can reduce your chances of having a dental emergency in Dallas and Houston, TX. Schedule your regular dental checkups at MINT dentistry by giving us a call. Our team is trained to help patients in need of emergency care.

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