What Impact Does Fluoride Have On Your Teeth?


Fluoride is a natural mineral that can prevent cavities and build strong, healthy teeth. Most people believe that fluoride is only for children, but did you know that others can benefit from this treatment as well? MINT dentistry uses fluoride to support healthy tooth enamel and fight the bacteria responsible for harming the teeth and gums.

So what is fluoride, and what does fluoride do? If you are at high risk of developing dental cavities, fluoride can help you. Our dentists can teach you the benefits of fluoride and how to incorporate it into your dental hygiene routine. Learn more by scheduling an appointment in Dallas and Houston, TX. We can take your oral health to the next level.

What is fluoride, and what does fluoride do?

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral found in rocks and soil. It is one of the most abundant elements found in the earth’s crust. It also appears in some natural groundwater, which is why some cities have fluoride in their drinking water while others have none. Fluoride can also be found in synthetic products, such as mouthwashes and fluoride toothpaste, due to its ability to protect teeth from tooth decay. The American Dental Association and the World Health Organization, along with other organizations, have all endorsed the benefits of fluoride. It is particularly useful if you are in danger of dental wear and tear.

Is fluoride good for you?

Fluoride helps teeth in many ways. When children eat or ingest fluoride in small doses, it becomes part of their developing teeth. It becomes part of the saliva and helps teeth prevent acids from damaging the tooth enamel. Generally, fluoride is recommended most for children between the ages of six months and 16 years since these are the years where permanent teeth come in. Adults who are prone to cavities and plaque buildup may also benefit from fluoride. At MINT dentistry in Dallas and Houston, TX, we offer fluoride treatments for patients of all ages.

How is fluoride delivered?

In addition to finding fluoride in food and water, fluoride can be applied to the teeth through toothpaste and mouth rinses. Patients can find these products over the counter at a local pharmacy. Fluoride supplements are available as liquids and tablets when prescribed by your dentist. A skilled dentist can also apply fluoride as foam or varnish during a dental visit. These treatments contain a higher amount of fluoride than items found at a drugstore.

The professionals at MINT dentistry suggest getting fluoride treatments every six months, usually following a cleaning and exam. We begin by drying the teeth and applying fluoride for up to four minutes at a time. Our staff will give you guidelines about taking care of your teeth at home, including avoiding drinking or eating for at least 30 minutes after your appointment. This allows the fluoride to fully penetrate your tooth enamel.

How much fluoride do you need?

It is difficult to get the fluoride you require through diet or water intake alone. The amount of fluoride you need is based on your oral hygiene and risk for tooth decay. If you maintain a regular routine of brushing and flossing, then your risk of decay is low. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. However, sugary foods like candy also affect your teeth. If you partake in these foods often, you will also benefit from frequent dental fluoride treatment.

Keep in mind that fluoride can be harmful when taken in excess. Ingesting too much fluoride can be especially harmful to young patients, so be sure to oversee your child when using fluoride toothpaste and drugstore supplements. The dentists at MINT dentistry will let you know how much fluoride you require to keep your teeth healthy and free from cavities. For more about the benefits of fluoride, be sure to reach out to our clinic for your next appointment.

Schedule a fluoride treatment at the dentist

From the moment you arrive at MINT dentistry, our dedicated team ensures you feel comfortable and at home. Our dentists take the time to listen to patient needs and concerns while creating a specific treatment plan to fit your needs. If you are in the Dallas and Houston, TX, area, we can provide a thorough dental examination to see if fluoride treatment is right for you. Schedule your next appointment and learn what fluoride does for you. Benefit from a dedicated team of professionals who will give you the attention you deserve.

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