While MINT dentistry and our team of skilled, board-certified dental doctors make every effort to save and preserve your natural teeth, there are cases where a tooth or teeth may need to be extracted. A simple extraction removes a tooth that is visible above the gum line. This is typically used for a tooth that is damaged or decayed beyond repair. A surgical extraction removes a tooth or teeth that have not erupted above the gumline. Surgical extractions are most commonly used to remove the wisdom teeth and impacted teeth that do not have enough room to fit into your smile. Whatever the reason is for your need for a tooth extraction MINT dentistry's experienced team will give you the care you deserve. Our locations offer different sedation techniques, such as nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation, so you remain calm and comfortable during your procedure. Contact our team for more information or to schedule an exam that will help us determine if you need a simple or surgical dental extraction.

If your tooth has been broken or damaged from decay, our dental team will make every effort to repair it with a crown, dental bonding, or filling. However, if these efforts are unsuccessful or the damage is too severe, you may be a candidate for tooth extraction. You may also need a dental extraction to remove teeth that cannot fit in your mouth. This includes your third molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth, which develop around the ages of 17 – 21 years old. In older children, baby teeth that have not fallen out on their own may need to be pulled so they don't block the permanent teeth. If you are getting braces or considering Invisalign®, you may need a tooth pulled to make room for others as they move into their proper position.

Highly recommended! Even with my anxiety at an all time high, Dr. Ryan Carmichael and his assistant were able to reassure me that I would be okay despite him being the 4th dentist for the same tooth! They were correct! Procedure was amazing. We discussed everything, he explained the procedure, and made me feel very comfortable with an otherwise nerve-wracking experience. I am grateful for his care, calmness and vast knowledge. I wish all dental work could be so simple. They gave me an IV and told me I would take a nap. I woke up in no pain. (Have minimal now) They were very kind to me extremely patient and extra understanding! I was worked into the schedule, due to a difficult root canal truning into an emergency tooth extraction.

A.H. Google

The staff was very nice and very understanding to my low pain tolerance. They had an offer of laughing gas and I took it. My wisdom tooth needed to come out and I will go back and have other services done. Very accommodating. Some hiccups, but not too bad of an experience.

R.J. Google

It was my first time at MINT dentistry and this location made my experience perfect. I want to start off with how amazing the atmosphere is when you walk in, real nice music, and comfortable seating, making the small wait very easy. The receptionists were very kind and made the process with the paperwork very easy and fast. The assistant, Deja, took care of my x-rays and teeth molds really well and comfortable, being really nice entirely throughout. Dr. Lopez made the evaluation very quick and understandable. He broke down exactly the knowledge I needed to know to understand what was to come with my wisdom teeth removal and what the procedure was going to look like. The desk then explained my payment plan and scheduling instructions very efficiently and understandable. I will definitely be coming here from here on out, it was wonderful experience for something most people dread to do.

J.B. Google

I got my wisdom tooth pulled today and it was such a great experience! I was so nervous at first but the staff was super friendly and accommodating which put me at ease. My extraction was quick and painless and I’m looking forward to the next one!

A.F. Google

They are very kind people. It's affordable they do work with you. The whole staff there is very kind and polite. My first visit I told them my back tooth was having pain and they didn't try to do what other places I have visited do which is adding on more issues. They knew exactly what to do and my surgery for my wisdom tooth removal went by pretty fast.

G.R. Google


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Extractions are performed in our advanced, state-of-the-art facility under anesthesia to offer supreme comfort while your tooth or teeth are being removed. The form of sedation used depends on the extent of the procedure and whether you have any dental anxieties. Before the procedure is initiated, you will be allowed a few moments to relax in a massage-style treatment chair within one of our well-appointed procedure rooms. Once you are ready, we will begin the extraction. For a simple extraction, one of our highly qualified dentists will use advanced techniques and cutting-edge tools to gently remove the tooth. A surgical extraction will begin with a MINT dentist making incisions in your gums to reach the tooth. If needed, the tooth may be broken into smaller pieces, so it can be removed more easily. Once the tooth is removed, we will close the incision in your gums.

Depending on the method of sedation used during your extraction, you may need to have a responsible adult drive you home. A MINT dentistry professional will provide you will specific instructions, including things to avoid during your recovery. This process could vary, depending on the complexity of your extraction, but most patients prefer to eat soft, cool foods for the first few days after the extraction. Your mouth may be swollen after the extraction, so we recommend cold compresses and over-the-counter pain medication. In some cases, we may write you a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics. In addition to any suggested follow-up appointments, you should continue to schedule appointments at MINT dentistry for dental exams and cleanings, so our team can monitor your oral health after an extraction.

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A tooth extraction is usually covered by dental insurance; however, different sedation methods may or may not be fully covered. Before your procedure, we will contact your insurance company to determine your specific coverage and estimate your out-of-pocket costs. If you don't have dental insurance, our support staff can help you understand how to better afford your dental care with the MINT Discount Plan, medical financing, and accepting multiple payment methods. Speak with a member of the MINT dentistry team for more information.

Whether you have a tooth that is damaged, or you don't have room for a new tooth, a dental extraction at MINT dentistry can help improve your smile and oral health. Schedule an appointment with a member of the MINT dentistry team of doctors at one of our beautiful facilities to learn more about simple and surgical tooth extraction. If you have dental anxieties or fears, ask about sedation options to help keep you calm and relaxed during your procedure.

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