How Can a Tooth Extraction Improve My Oral Health?


Anyone who experiences tooth pain knows how unbearable it can be. Tooth pain can compromise your daily tasks and prevent you from properly speaking or eating. If you have a severely damaged or impacted tooth, an extraction may be in order. The professional dentists at MINT dentistry educate patients about the types of dental extractions available to provide great oral health. We also make sure patients are as comfortable as possible during and after their procedures.

Are you interested in discovering your options to relieve tooth pain? Schedule a dental assessment and learn about tooth extractions in Dallas and Houston, TX by calling a member of our team today.

Why teeth are extracted

There are many reasons why someone needs to have a permanent tooth extracted. One of the most common reasons is tooth decay. When decay reaches too far down into the tooth, it becomes exposed to bacteria and leads to infection. If the tooth cannot be salvaged, an extraction prevents the infection from causing further harm.

It is also normal to remove an impacted tooth to improve oral health. An impacted tooth usually pushes up against another tooth or soft tissue in the mouth, causing pain or misalignment. When the tooth is removed, it is easier to clean and take care of the surrounding teeth. They also have more room to grow.

Types of dental extractions

If you have any tooth pain, make an appointment with the specialists at MINT dentistry. We can review your dental records and take X-rays of the affected area. Our staff can make recommendations about the different types of dental extractions we offer once we gather this information.

  • Simple extraction: This kind of extraction is generally performed for teeth showing above the gumline. It requires loosening the tooth and simply pulling it with dental forceps.

  • Surgical extraction: This is performed on teeth that are not easily accessible because they are below the gumline. Our team creates incisions in the gums to extract the tooth. It may be broken into smaller pieces before removal.

While it is normal to feel some pressure during either tooth extraction, anesthesia should prevent patients from experiencing too much pain.

Recovering from a tooth extraction

Most people feel some discomfort after an extraction procedure. It is important to follow any post-care guidelines we give you in Dallas or Houston, TX. Medication can relieve any pain and treat other side effects, such as swelling. MINT dentistry will let you know how to clean and take care of the area to avoid infection. Depending on the reason for your tooth extraction, our clinic can also discuss options for moving forward. This includes replacing the tooth if needed.

Replacing your tooth

When a tooth is extracted to make room for braces or correct an overcrowding issue, it is not necessary to replace it. When a tooth is pulled because of damage or decay, most patients will be fitted with a restorative implant. Otherwise, your remaining teeth will shift and fill up the open space. At MINT dentistry, we offer great options to improve your oral health, including dental implants, bridges, and more.

Achieve great oral health

Many dental health issues can be resolved without a dental extraction. However, it is still essential to meet with the right professional. If you have any of the above issues and believe you need a tooth pulled, schedule an appointment with MINT dentistry in Dallas or Houston, TX. Our team is highly knowledgeable about the latest tools and techniques, so you do not have to live with tooth pain.

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