How Much is a Root Canal?


A root canal is a dental procedure that helps patients who have an infected tooth. Although patients often view root canal therapy with anxiety, understanding the benefits and risks can help put your mind at ease. MINT dentistry has performed countless successful root canals for individuals in the Dallas and Houston, TX area. So how much does a root canal cost, and how long does a root canal take? When you schedule a consultation at our modern office, we can offer information about this procedure and more. Learn about our comprehensive services by reaching out to one of our board-certified doctors and dental professionals today.


Many patients avoid root canals because they are scared of the pain. Actually, the pain that people experience is from the infected tooth. An infection can be caused by a dental cavity or physical trauma. Some common signs you need a root canal include tooth or jaw pain, swelling around the affected tooth, and tooth discoloration. If the infection is not removed, it can become increasingly painful as the bacteria spreads. At MINT dentistry, our professional root canal dentists can address the infection and stop it from affecting your oral health. If you are concerned and believe you need root canal therapy, we encourage you to schedule an appointment right away.


Root canal therapy is relatively short and should only take a few hours of your time in our office. A root canal appointment begins when you first settle into one of our comfortable treatment chairs. It is our hope that patients feel relaxed and at ease while undergoing root canal therapy; we can help you choose the best method of sedation before getting started. This can include nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, or oral-conscious sedation for the entirety of the procedure.

One of our root canal dentists then assesses the tooth and carefully removes the infected pulp using our advanced tools and techniques. Next, we will sterilize the inner chamber to remove any lingering debris. To finish the root canal therapy, MINT dentistry will fill the area with a special material and seal it to protect the tooth. Based on the sedation used, you may want a responsible adult to take you home after the procedure.

It’s common to feel some sensitivity following a root canal, but this is temporary and should not last longer than a few days. The administrative team at MINT dentistry can schedule follow-up appointments, as necessary, to monitor your healing progress and make sure the infection is gone for good. Once the issue is taken care of, we ask patients to continue to schedule bi-annual cleanings and annual dental exams to maintain their dental health.


Are you concerned about the cost of your root canal? During your dental consultation, a member of our MINT dentistry team can discuss topics, such as insurance coverage and cost, so you know exactly what to expect. If you have dental insurance, we can contact your provider to determine your coverage and out-of-pocket costs. Those without insurance are provided with payment options, as well as low-interest medical financing. Ask us about our MINT Discount Plan to see how you can better afford your dental care.

Although it’s not considered health insurance, the MINT Discount Plan is a great solution for individuals and families who do not currently have PPO dental insurance. Many of our patients have found discounts on a range of preventative and restorative dental services. To learn more about this unique plan in the Dallas and Houston, TX area, reach out to a member of our team. It is our first priority to make sure you are getting the dental treatments you need. Adults can save up to thousands of dollars a year by taking advantage of the MINT Discount Plan.


It's necessary to get a root canal therapy when the inside of your tooth becomes inflamed or infected. MINT dentistry is dedicated to making your dental treatment as comfortable and affordable as possible. Thanks to new advances in medical technology, root canal therapy is faster and easier than ever for addressing an infected tooth. We can also answer common questions, like, “How much does a root canal cost?” and “How long does a root canal take?” Reach out to one of our modern locations in the Dallas and Houston, TX areas today to learn about the signs of a root canal and get a consultation with MINT dentistry.

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