How to Help Prevent Sports-Related Dental Injuries


Over the years, participation in sports has grown steadily among children and adults. As a result of this participation, people have reported unintentional injuries to the teeth and jaw. Falling while playing soccer or football, for example, can lead to permanent damage that requires extensive dental procedures in Dallas or Houston, TX.

So, how can families prevent sports-related dental injuries and make sure their smiles are protected for life? MINT dentistry often recommends appliances, such as custom mouth guards. Learn all about tooth trauma and how mouth guards work by scheduling an assessment. Our clinic also offers emergency appointments for patients in urgent need.

Types of sports-related dental injuries

Getting hurt used to be a rite of passage among athletes. However, dental trauma can have a serious impact on your teeth and oral health. It is important to recognize damage and seek help to prevent further injury later on. The following are different kinds of injuries we treat at MINT dentistry:

  • Soft tissue injury: The gums, tongue, and cheeks can all be damaged as a result of a sports injury. Not treating soft tissue injuries could result in an infection or other complications.

  • Tooth loss: If a tooth has been knocked out, carefully store it in a small container with either milk or your own saliva. The tooth can be taken with you to your dentist to see if re-implantation is possible.

  • Loose or displaced tooth: Any displaced teeth can be gently nudged back into position. Do not force the tooth back if it will not move easily. Your dentist should be able to stabilize it.

  • Broken or fractured tooth: Fractures can cause problems, like pain and sensitivity. After managing any pain, a dentist can address cosmetic damage and prevent long-term problems.

How does a sports mouthguard help?

Almost anyone can benefit from a mouth guard in Dallas or Houston, TX. Mouth guards work by cushioning the teeth and gums and creating a stable environment. Some retail stores offer over-the-counter mouth guards, in which patients boil and then bite down on the product to achieve the desired shape. However, this is not always the most comfortable option. A professional dentist can create a custom sports mouth guard that meets your particular needs and activity levels.

Seeking emergency dental care

Tooth trauma is not only common in high-impact sports. Some young children damage their smiles simply by playing outside with their friends. Others hurt their teeth through activities, like ice skating or riding a bicycle. If you have a sports-related dental injury, it is important to seek help right away. Immediate treatment increases your chance of keeping your smile healthy. At MINT dentistry, we can provide you with ways to avoid dental trauma, including wearing a custom sports mouth guard.

Keep your teeth safe and healthy

As we mentioned, mouth guards are not just for professional athletes. An experienced dentist can provide protection from tooth trauma and similar conditions in nearly any patient. If you are looking for your own custom sports mouth guard, contact a member of MINT dentistry in Dallas or Houston, TX. We can also provide emergency dental treatment when injuries affect your smile.

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