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About Cracked Teeth

At MINT dentistry, our expert team of practitioners provides a wide selection of treatment options to meet the varying needs of our patients. Cracked teeth are a common issue among men and women that may result in oral pain or discomfort when eating and speaking. Frequently caused by teeth grinding (or other chronic friction) or an injury, cracked teeth may present as a fractured cusp, craze line, a split tooth, or a vertical root fracture. The classification of the crack depends on the depth and location of the damage within the tooth, which also helps the board-certified doctors at MINT dentistry determine the ideal treatment option. It is important to seek professional care as soon as you suspect a tooth might be cracked to increase the odds that your tooth can be saved. A tooth crack will not heal, but our experienced team may be able to repair the tooth to restore your oral health and function.

Best Candidates for Cracked Teeth Treatment

There are several symptoms that may suggest the presence of a cracked tooth. The most common is pain or discomfort whenever you put any pressure on the tooth, especially when eating. You may also have sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods and beverages. As the condition progresses, the tooth may cause constant pain and/or develop an internal infection. In certain situations, a tooth may have signs consistent with a cracked tooth yet show no indication of damage. This is referred to as cracked tooth syndrome. If one of our MINT dentistry experts suspects that your tooth is cracked, they will examine the tooth and order dental x-rays to properly diagnosis the condition. This diagnostic information will also be used to help personalize your treatment recommendations and determine the ideal course of care.

What to Expect with Cracked Teeth Treatment

At MINT dentistry, the main goal of cracked teeth treatment is to prevent further damage or disease and to eliminate any infection. To fix a fractured cusp or to keep a small crack from growing, our team may recommend a dental crown or tooth-colored filling. If the crack has reached the pulp of the tooth, then a root canal may be needed. Endodontic surgery could be performed to treat a vertical root fracture or a split tooth. In some cases, the tooth may need to be extracted if it cannot be properly treated in order to protect your oral health and return comfort to your smile.

Cracked Teeth Treatment Aftercare

After your cracked teeth treatment is complete, our team will review instructions on caring for your mouth as you heal. The recovery process will vary based on the extent of the treatment. It is best to avoid foods that could possibly reopen or expand the crack, such as ice or hard candies. If the tooth crack was caused by bruxism (teeth grinding) at night, our MINT dentistry experts may suggest a custom night guard. It is important to maintain a regular oral hygiene routine at home to decrease the chance of infection and help keep your teeth and gums healthy. At your routine exam visits, our dental professionals will continuously monitor the treated tooth, as well as your general oral health so any new conditions can be addressed early on.

Insurance Coverage for Cracked Teeth Care

Treatments for cracked teeth are generally considered a medical necessity and may be covered in part by your dental insurance. Prior to your procedure, our business team will talk to your insurance company to help maximize your benefits and determine any personal costs. Our practice locations accept an array of payment solutions and offer a MINT Discount Plan for those who do not carry dental insurance. MINT dentistry is committed to helping patients enjoy the advantages of a brilliant, healthy smile and strives to make dental care convenient for all.

Repair Cracked Teeth with Personalized Care

A cracked tooth can be unpleasant to endure and may even lead to greater health concerns without professional care. At MINT dentistry, our board-certified practitioners routinely diagnose and treat cracked teeth to help keep the smiles of our patients comfortable, healthy, and simply stunning. To learn more, contact our caring team and schedule a consultation at a MINT dentistry location near you.

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