What to Expect When Having a Tooth Pulled


Getting ready for tooth extraction can be an intimidating experience, especially for a first-timer. Understanding the ins and outs of getting your tooth pulled can put you more at ease. Rest assured that this procedure is common and can be used to improve your oral health. Whatever the reason for your extraction, MINT dentistry provides helpful tips for your pre- and post-appointment care. Contact our team of dentists in Dallas or Houston, TX to learn what happens during the process.

What is a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a procedure in which the entire tooth and root are extracted from the gums. There are generally two kinds of tooth extractions performed at MINT dentistry. A simple extraction is completed using a pair of forceps when the tooth can be seen above the gumline. Surgical extractions are more complex since the majority of the tooth is below the gumline. With some surgical extractions, the tooth may need to be broken up to make the process easier.

Reasons for tooth extraction

Each tooth extraction is different depending on the reason for the procedure. Most are performed to keep your teeth healthy and prevent future dental problems. Some common reasons for tooth extraction include:

  • Wisdom teeth sometimes put unwanted pressure on the surrounding teeth, which can lead to tooth damage

  • Overcrowding can cause misalignment and crooked teeth since there is no room for the teeth to grow

  • A severe infection can cause your teeth to become loose, which may require extraction

How painful is tooth extraction?

Getting a tooth pulled is not expected to be painful itself. Our goal at MINT dentistry is to ensure your comfort and prevent dental anxiety as much as possible. First, your dentist in Dallas or Houston, TX can perform an examination and let you know whether you need a simple or surgical procedure. We then review several different options for sedation, including anesthesia or a local numbing agent. Once the tooth is removed using cutting-edge tools, our team can prepare you for tooth extraction aftercare.

Tooth extraction aftercare

Based on your treatment and the kind of sedation used, a responsible adult can drive you home following the extraction. The recovery period following a tooth extraction is usually more extensive for a surgical extraction than a simple one. It may take several days or longer. Cold ice packs can reduce any side effects, such as swelling. We may also prescribe antibiotics and other medications to avoid complications. Patients should avoid straws and eat soft, room-temperature foods as instructed by their dentist.

In addition to attending follow-up appointments, patients should continue to schedule cleanings and dental examinations at our office. We can monitor the area and make sure your teeth and gums are healthy for life.

Meet with a trusted dentist

No matter your reasons for tooth extraction, it is important to contact a dentist with plenty of experience and skill. MINT dentistry is happy to address your concerns when you schedule an assessment in Dallas or Houston, TX. Tooth extraction does not need to be an intimidating procedure at our clinic. We can inform you about the process of getting a tooth pulled as well as tooth extraction aftercare.

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