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About Apicoectomy Treatment

MINT dentistry is dedicated to helping patients enjoy a healthy, gorgeous smile, no matter what their needs might be. When a tooth is internally infected, a root canal is often performed to treat the tooth. But some tooth roots may have several small branches where bacteria can hide and lead to further disease. If a tooth is still infected or develops another infection after a root canal has been completed, the board-certified dentists at MINT dentistry may need to perform an apicoectomy. An effective and lasting solution, an apicoectomy is an endodontic surgical procedure that removes the infected root tip along with any diseased bone tissue. This treatment option can save the visible aesthetic portion (crown) of a tooth and may spare the tooth from extraction. If you have had one or multiple root canal procedures, yet are still having problems with a tooth, visit one of our MINT dentistry locations to explore the option of an apicoectomy.

Best Candidates for an Apicoectomy

An ideal candidate for an apicoectomy will have already had a root canal in a tooth, yet the infection has remained or returned in the tip(s) of the root(s). Once a tooth is root canal-treated, a crown is often placed to strengthen and protect it. When the presence of this restoration makes a second root canal (retreatment) challenging, an apicoectomy may be the best option for care. This endodontic surgery may also be ideal when a tooth has bent or curved roots that are difficult to treat with traditional root canal therapy. At MINT dentistry, our experienced team uses advanced imaging to evaluate infected teeth in high detail and help patients make ideal decisions when it comes to their oral health.

What to Expect with an Apicoectomy

An apicoectomy procedure will be performed in one of our state-of-the-art treatment rooms. Before getting started, we will give you a pair of MINT sunglasses to wear and offer you Beats headphones. While your tooth will be numbed with a local anesthetic, sedation techniques may be used to help quell any dental anxiety. One of our skilled MINT dentists will make an incision in the gums to reveal the root of the tooth. Once the infected root tip(s) and any surrounding damaged tissue are removed, the area will be disinfected. A special dye may also be implemented to help highlight cracks or other concerns in your tooth. The root will then be sealed, and your gums will be sutured closed so that healing can begin.

Apicoectomy Aftercare

Following an apicoectomy, you might have some bruising, numbness, or soreness for a few days. Our MINT dentists may write a prescription for antibiotics or pain medication and will provide aftercare instructions for your recovery. Cold compresses against the face and avoiding hard foods as you heal can enhance your comfort following your visit. If needed, we may ask you to return in 2 – 7 days for suture removal. Typically, your gums and teeth should be healed in around two weeks after the apicoectomy; however, it may take a few months for the bone tissue to regenerate. To keep your mouth as healthy as possible, we suggest that you maintain daily flossing and brushing habits and visit one of our MINT dentistry locations for routine dental care. During your visits, our dental experts will monitor your tooth and the overall health of your smile.

Insurance Coverage for Apicoectomies

An apicoectomy may be partially covered by your dental insurance policy. Before your visit, our business team can contact your insurance company to review your plan and estimate any personal costs. For patients without insurance and those with out-of-pocket expenses, MINT dentistry accepts several convenient payment methods. We will be happy to help you explore flexible financing solutions or provide information on our MINT Discount Plan.

A Lasting Solution with Apicoectomy Care

MINT dentistry proudly offers the comprehensive care needed to help you experience a beautiful, healthy smile. When a tooth is still infected after one or more root canal treatments, an apicoectomy may be an effective solution. This endodontic option removes infected root tips without disturbing the function or visible cosmetic appeal of a tooth. To find out more, or to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified experts, contact a MINT dentistry location today.

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